My Story

Hello, I'm Sinead and I write this at 31 weeks pregnant, my due date is 5th May, the same date a year prior my husband and I discovered that we had lost our pregnancy to twins. I was 10 weeks pregnant when we had a scan and were told the devastating news that our babies hadn’t formed, their heart beats were weak and that our pregnancy would no doubt end in loss, a week later a scan confirmed that our twins heart beats had stopped. We were thrilled to discover we were pregnant and had started planning for the great life we would share with them. 

As my due date nears, it has got me thinking of the things that could have been. Along with our first son starting nursery and the excitement we have experienced with buying his school uniform and picking a new school bag, it has also made me realise that some children and their parents can’t share this same excitement that we do and could even feel a burden with not being able to afford and provide such essentials.

A thought that passes through my mind regularly and has been more so in frequent weeks, is for those tots and children who are living in poverty and facing daily struggles. I, myself, grew up in a low income family, I often had a school uniform that was too small, shoes that were too small, I often missed out on school trips and I never had the opportunity to participate in after school activities, which hindered my self-confidence and ability to perform at my best until my mid twenties.

I have founded Tots in memory of the twins we lost. My mission is to impact and support underprivileged tots and children within my local community.

"It’s estimated that around 1.7 million children go to school wearing incorrect, unclean or ill-fitting uniforms".


"The Children's Commission on Poverty found that a third of children who said their family is "not well off at all" had fallen behind in class because their family could not afford the necessary books or materials. 2 in 5 children in these families said they had missed a term-time school trip because of the cost".

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