My Mission

I have founded Tots in memory of the twins we lost. My mission is to impact and support underprivileged tots and children within my local community.

To begin with, I will privately fund and sponsor 1 underprivileged child from each primary school within my community. With 6 primary schools in my local area, I will impact these tots and children’s lives by providing them with:

School uniform including school shoes

School stationary

School trips

Hats and gloves for winter

After school club or activity of their choice

Studies show the importance of early childhood development and ways it has a direct impact towards the adult they will become.

My long term mission is to ensure these selected children are sponsored throughout their time at primary school. I will strive to increase the number of children sponsored from 1 child per school to 5 children per school annually. 

By creating awareness on how poverty is affecting tots and children, I want others to get involved in making an impact within their own local communities.

"1 million children live in families across England who are getting into debt to meet the rising cost of school uniforms".


"27% of children within my local area are living in poverty".


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